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Live More, Worry Less
What's In is an intelligent new app which allows you to plan meals and live track ingredients you have at home.
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No more, “what shall I cook for dinner?” because with What's In you already know! 

At What's In, we understand that cooking can sometimes be a hassle, especially when time is scarce. Our distinctive inventory feature is designed to help you streamline the organization of your home ingredients, eliminating the need for shopping lists and purchasing unnecessary items.

Our intelligent inventory system serves as your ultimate assistant in managing grocery shopping and planning weekly meals. The days of rushing to the supermarket because you forgot to buy eggs will be a thing of the past, as What's In already knows what's in your cupboard! Say goodbye to purchasing ingredients that end up unused and wasted. With What's In, you'll not only save money, time but also reduce food waste.

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It's fun and easy to use, and I liked building new recipes. It's colourful and the layout is good. All in all, it's a really great app to use and I've enjoyed playing around with the features.


 What's In has helped make meal planning easier and is able to tell me what I have in stock so I don't go and buy the same items.


What's In makes my life easier when it comes to cooking as it has pre-prepared recipes and tells me how many meals I can make


Having a list and being able to find recipes with what I have in when I'm stuck for ideas


I love the recipes/ new ideas for dinner and that they then transfer the items to the shopping list & that you can add your own.


'I liked the way it complied the shopping list based on what you had in and which meals you selected for the week! Really took the planning out of shopping as it just did it for you! Also made it easy to stick to a plan of meals for the week - focused shopping.


With What's In, you can easily plan your meals for the week with our easy-to-use meal planning feature. You can also create personalized shopping lists based on the ingredients you need for your meals. Our app makes grocery shopping a breeze with a fully customisable shopping list.


Live inventory 


Meal planning tool


In app shopping list 


Recipes for  breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

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Reduces food waste


Saves money 


Choose your own meals 



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