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About Us


What's In is a family business that started back in 2015. We are passionate about saving food waste, our time and our precious planet. We believe in using technology to make our family life easier. We thought why waste time on journeys to the supermarket unless it’s absolutely necessary? Why buy more food when you have it at already at home ? Being well informed as to what you already have  would reduce the need to purchase unnecessary items. In other words, make a well informed decision and reduce our impact on the planet.  We invite you to join us on that journey.

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Our Story

What's In is a lifestyle App borne out of necessity. It all started in 2015  when a freezer broke down in the middle of summer and all the contents were lost! We thought had we been able to readily see what was in the freezer we would not have stored as much. We would have used the ingredients and made tasty home cooked meals out of them.

The need to know what we already had would also solve a number of other daily frustrations such as whether we have all the ingredients for our weekly meals and do we already have much of the grocery shopping already at home. 

The birth of an idea

The concept of WhatsIn was sparked from our realization that knowing what you have is the crucial element to any purchasing decision. Why buy more if you already have it? Too often we find ourselves purchasing items we already have in our pantry or forgetting to buy essentials leading to a number of unnecessary trips to the supermarket.  We recognized the potential for technology to streamline this process and make grocery shopping smarter and more sustainable.

Empowering Smarter Choices

We envisaged a solution that would enable users to know what they had in their kitchen , What was running low and what was needed for the coming week. Our goal was to create an App that not only simplified grocery shopping but also reduced food waste by enabling people to purchase only what was necessary.

What's In was born out of this vision. We put our knowledge and technology to work aiming to create a user friendly and efficient solution that would empower the way people managed their kitchen and pantries. 

Meet The Team

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Abbie Aston

Founder and CEO 

Rob Aston

Co - Founder 

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