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Mojo Sauce

Prep Time:

Cook Time:



15 Minutes

10 Minutes

Serves 5


About the Recipe

Mojo sauces originated in the Canary Islands and is a sauce that consists of pepper and local spices. This sauce can be made spicy if you add chilli flakes and extra spices that you want to include.


1 Large Red Pepper

2 Cloves of Garlic

2-3 tsp White Vingar

Cayenne Pepper

Corn OIl


1 tbsp Cumin Seeds

1 tbsp salt


Step 1

First grab the red peper and slice it into large thing slices and dessed the pepper

Step 2

Next add all the ingridents to a liquidiser and blend them togther for one minute. If the mixture is too thick add more oil and water until you see a smooth sauce

Step 3

Then liquidate to taste the sauce. This sauce can go wiith anything but is mainly used with canary potatoes.

To make the sauce for Fish you repeat the metahod but this time use green pepers and parsley isntead of paprika

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